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About Us

For the last 18 years, ENC has been based in Cuddy Pa., just a few miles south of Pittsburgh.

Since our inception in 1998, we have remained dedicated to results oriented marketing. We have always sought formulations that offer high impact, value and an overall better quality of life.

We strive to teach people to promote health and help prevent disease by making better choices. The most affordable health insurance is good nutrition.  We recognize our commitment to manufacturers with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is important with new and innovative nutritional supplements.

Our goal is to become your preferred nutritional company that provides superior products, programs, and services that are guaranteed in potency, purity, quality and results.

As a sales driven company, our associates have always been at the nucleus of every formulation and every decision we have ever made.

Our goal is to empower people everywhere to take control of their health, transform their bodies and ultimately change their lives through ENC.



Tracy Belcastro is one of the original founders of ENC. Tracy has been married to Deborah Belcastro for 41 years. Deborah utilizes her multiple talents and is responsible for everything from I.T. to being the "go to person" with regard to distributor services for ENC. They have 3 sons, Jeremy, Jesse and Eric.

Tracy served in the US Army from 1968 – 1970. He started his own construction company from 1972 to 1986. For 3 years, Tracy honed his skills in the collector car field of business, until entering the network marketing arena in 1989 as a distributor. For the next 10 years Tracy served in many leadership roles for several Network Marketing companies and enjoyed a six figure income.

Due to health challenges in 1975, Tracy began to make dietary changes and studying the field of nutrition. After getting positive personal results, he began to instruct others in the area of personal responsibility with regards to health and nutrition. This new passion helped give birth to the company that has been Tracy's home for the past 16 years; ENC.

Tracy's personal interest and hobbies are buying, selling and collecting rare automobiles and motorcycles.

Judy Hannan is also one of the original founders of ENC. Judy is married for 43 years to George Hannan, the company controller and they have 2 sons – Tim who is married with 2 recently adopted girls from Colombia, South America and works for ALCOA in Pgh. David is married with 2 girls and works for Ponapto Corp. in Pgh.

Judy has been studying nutrition for many years and actively teaching and training people in the areas of nutrition for more abundant health. She is currently active and speaking on numerous TV programs and radio talk shows.

Judy served for 2 years on the board of directors for the International Aloe Science Council. She is also responsible for many of the formulations for ENC.

Judy is an avid football fan and celebrates "Steeler Sunday" during football season, which has become a weekly family and friend tradition.

Since Judy is 100% Italian she loves to cook and feed people. Because of her passion for health and wellness, combined with her desire to cook, she spent the better part of a year developing many delicious desserts utilizing ENC's product line which are nutritious, tasty and sugar free.

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